Bandelier National Monument – New Mexico

Bandelier National Monument
White Rock, NM

Senior – Deputy Ranger

Completed: July 23, 2013

I was very pleased when I visited Bandelier National Monument last summer and learned that this site has an adult-oriented Junior Ranger program, Deputy Ranger. The cover of the booklet shows this is for 7th Grade and up. Below is from the park’s website:

“The Junior Ranger program also includes an opportunity for Deputy Rangers – adults! (that is, anyone above 7th grade -c’mon Mom and Dad, don’t be shy!) It also consists of a worksheet, rewarded by a patch (and congratulations!)”

As you can see below they offer great patches for each age group.

Junior Ranger patches

The activities included in this program;
Protect and Respect, Story Puzzle & Word Search – The story portion has you unscramble words below blanks that gives you an overview of the monument and the importance to be respectful to protect these cultural and natural resources. An optional second page has you find the key words in a word search. The story page is the only page that you are required to complete, in addition to five other activities.
Alien Invasion – background information on native plant species, as well as non-native or alien species is provided. There are questions that have you think about how alien plants were introduced to the park and how you would get rid of them. I did not realize that mullein was a non-native species.
Climate Change at Bandelier? – it explains that changes in weather and plants have been studied for the past 30 years at this site and they have noticed that a significant number of Pinyon Pine trees have died at the lower elevation, over 80 %. The activity has you select a tree and follow a key to identify the tree. The tree I chose was a Ponderosa Pine.
Reintroduce Native Species? – Five animal species that were present in the past are pictured. You are asked to select one and explain why you think that animal should be brought back. I chose Bighorn Sheep, they are always a pleasure to see in the wild.
Monitoring Ecosystem Health – a series of questions has you explain how poor quality of air, water and suppressed fire could affect your visit.
CCC Legacy – the. Civil Conservation Corp created many of the buildings and adornments at Bandelier from 1933 to 1941. For this activity you could draw or describe three architectural details from that era. I really enjoyed this activity, sitting on the patio of the retail area and working on these drawings was relaxing and challenging.
Pueblo Voices – quotes from four of the near by Native American pueblo communities were given and then you give your reaction to the quotes by answers several questions.
NPS: An Inside Look – a couple of questions have you reflect on NPS in general, your favorite location and why it is important to protect these special places.
Reflections about Bandelier – a blank page is given for you to write or draw about your experience at Bandelier.
Make your own Deputy Ranger pledge! – this page allows you to draw a picture within an arrowhead outline and write a pledge for this program.

In total twelve activities were included in the book, to earn your Deputy Ranger badge you only need to complete six activities. Overall I would say I spent about an hour and a half completing this booklet. I really enjoyed the time I spent at Bandelier and working on this program. Having an adult-oriented program is greatly appreciated.

Booklet & Patch


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