Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly Programs

Since retiring in 2013 I have begun participating in the Junior Ranger, and in some parks, the Senior Ranger programs, that are offered at many of the National Park Sites (NPS). Over the years I have visited 393 NPS sites(as of July 2018): camping, hiking, and sometimes just driving through.

Now that I can spend more time when visiting I am taking time to complete the Senior or Junior Ranger programs. Currently there are approximately 15 sites that offer a Senior Ranger program. Most sites allow adults to complete their Junior Ranger programs. Families may find this information helpful, but I will be focusing on the adult experience.

Additionally I have completed other activities, both associated with parks and other sites. This blog will cover all the activities I enjoy in retirement. Join me on my journey.

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    • I don’t trade, as I just get one badge as I complete the program, others may be interested. Also, at the annual meeting for National Park Travelers Club (parkstamps.org) there are extra badges available. The next meeting will be in Rapid City, SD in July.

  1. I would like to see copies of the senior range programs. Do you have access to them? I am a VIP in Florida and want to develop their program.

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