Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park
Jackson, Wyoming

Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly
Survivor – Senior Friendly
Completed: July 26, 2013

While at Grand Teton National Park I was able to complete two programs; Junior Ranger and Survivor. Both programs are considered Senior Friendly. The Junior Ranger program has two age groups, age 7 and under and age 8 and above. For this program you purchase, for $1, the activity newspaper at a visitor center. The Survivor program is designed for ages 12 – 18+, there was no charge for this program.

We stayed for several days so I had time to complete both programs. While staying at the Gros Ventre campground a momma moose (cow) with her two calves were wandering through the campground in the middle of the day.

Moose family

The Junior Ranger activities are printed in a newspaper. For the upper age group all of the activities are to be completed. Activities include; Open Your Senses to the Wonders of the Tetons, Glaciers Shaped the Tetons, Ranger Bingo, Where do the Animals Live?, Be a History Detective!, and Explore the park with a Ranger. The final activity has you attend one ranger program and attend another ranger program or hike a trail. The program I attended was on Bear Safety. I learned that you should flatten yourself if a bear makes contact and to aim bear spray at the feet of the bear. I enjoyed a hike between String Lake and Leigh Lake. The trail was fairly level, cool air coming off the water and clear water along the way – very enjoyable.

Junior Ranger activity sheet and badge

There were two opportunities to draw, on the front page a strip at the bottom of the page has you draw a picture of the Tetons and there is a panel to design a sign to protect wildlife or wild places. The motto I used “I only have (image of a pair of eyes) for wildlife and wild places.

Once I completed the activities I brought it to a visitor center and was given a really cool wooden Junior Ranger badge. The image in the middle is a moose, always a favorite animal to see at this park.

At another visitor center I was given their ‘older’ program called ‘Survivor’. This program is designed for older ‘kids’, ages 12 to 18+. The graphics throughout the book are excellent. I appreciated that Grand Teton National Park has a program for older ‘kids’.

Great graphics – Survivor booklet -climbing

There are a variety of activities; Keep It Green, Native Survival, Tools for Survival, Take a Hike, Gear up for the Grand, Community Quest, What Survives Here?, Animal Olympics, Be Bear Aware! and a section to write your own blog about your visit.

I enjoyed completing all of the activities, you had to visit several locations around this park to be able to complete enough activities to earn this award. Besides getting to keep this well done booklet you also receive an oval sticker like the one on the booklet cover, pictured below.

Survivor booklet