Lake Mead National Recreation Area – Arizona & Utah

Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Arizona – Nevada

Completed: February 24, 2016

Senior Friendly


Not far from Las Vegas, but a world away from the lights is Lake Mead. Camping along the shore brought a beautiful evening glow on the cliffs as the sun was setting. Before setting up camp I picked up the Junior Ranger Guide and Activity Book to begin work on the activities.

For the hike activity we walked along the Historic Railroad Trail, a trail that was built to build the Hoover/Boulder Dam. Along the way there are interpretative signs, as well as great views. As this is in a desert environment there were flowers in bloom along the trail.

This program is considered Senior Friendly as the only age instruction is if you are older than ten you are to complete all (6) of the activities in the booklet. The activities are; Rangers and their jobs…, From River to Reservoir, Leave No Treads, Adaptations Tic-Tac-Toe, who Belongs Here?, and Junior Archaeologist.

The word puzzle was a creative way to list the different kind of responsibilities that park rangers have, letters and symbols were used for you to name the job. From River to Reservoir told how Lake Mead, as a reservoir was formed. Using pictures that were out of order you number them to show the order of the water’s path.

I really enjoyed the Adaptations Tic-Tac-Toe, a nice change from the standard park bingo. Nine adaptations were given and if you see the adaptation while in the park you draw what you see. In addition to the several things that I did see I drew an representation of the other adaptations that plants and animals have to survive in the desert environment in this area.

What I liked about this Junior Ranger program is a short description or information was provided with each activity so you learned some background information before completing the activity. Who Belongs Here? gave very good information about native and invasive plants with a good explanation of why invasive plants can harm the local environment.

Once completed you can take it to the Alan Bible Visitor Center, or if you have already left the area you can mail the booklet. Either way you will receive a certificate and an attractive patch.


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