Big Bend National Park -Texas

Santa Elena Canyon
Big Bend National Park

Completed: March 23, 2016

Senior Friendly

Big Bend is big, bigger than the state of Rhode Island. There are many places to explore and different environments; river, mountains and desert. I spent three days there on this trip and looking forward to returning to spend more time!

This program is considered Senior Friendly as the third age group is listed for ages 12 and over, no upper age limit given. The three age groups are; under age 7, 7 to 11,and ages 12 and over. Basically the older you are the more pages you are to complete.

The topics include; Dynamic Deserts and Amazing Adaptation, Plant Power, “Digging” Dinosaurs!, Take a Walk on the Wild Side, The Bear Facts, Feline Fun!, Stories from the Past, History Highlights, Growing Up in Big Bend, and Naturalist’s Notebook.


Besides answering questions or completing the activities there are a couple of drawings that can be done. I drew a mesquite tree, a Northern cardinal on a picnic table and a Greater Roadrunner. These are all things that I saw while sitting in my campsite in Rio Grande Village.

I enjoyed matching Prickly Pear Parts as part of the Plant Power page, six different parts were to be identified. Another matching activity was about the animals in the park, everything from a Black Bear to a Millipede, on the page titled Take a Walk on the Wild Side.

After a short reading about the Black Bears in Big Bend the information presented is used to complete a crossword puzzle. Stories from the Past showed pictograph symbols with a description, based on what they might represent. Space is given for you to create your own pictograph.

Pictographs along the Hot Springs Trail

While in the park I was fortunate to be able to visit all of the visitor centers, five of them scattered throughout this large area. Before leaving the park I stopped at Panther Junction and had a ranger review my completed booklet. A small certificate indicating I was an ‘Official Junior Ranger’ at Big Bend National Park and I received the standard badge.

Booklet and badge


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