Natural Bridges National Monument – Utah

Natural Bridges National Monument

Completed: September 25, 2015

Senior Friendly

Online booklet:

Click to access JR-RANGER-BOOK-NON-EDIT.pdf

Another return visit to this beautiful site, and an opportunity to complete their Junior Ranger program. Even though we arrived right after lunch the campground was already Full. With only 12 camping sites this campground always fills early, especially in the Fall. But, the bridges are always there to be seen by driving the scenic road or hiking.

This program is considered Senior Friendly as there are 3 age groups and no upper age limit is given. The three age groups are; Modest Mouse for ages 4-6, Rockin’ Raven for ages 7-9, and Cool Coyote for ages 10 and up.

To complete the program you need watch the park video or attend a ranger program and complete activities according to your age group; 3 activities for Modest Mouse, 4 activities for Rockin’ Raven, and 5 activities for Cool Coyote.

The activities include; Take a Hike!, Bridges Bingo, Desert Dwellers Word Scramble, Bridge Formation:Spanning Time, What’s Wrong? What’s Right?, Cryptic Crust, Creative Corner, Canyon Criss-Cross, Make the Connection, Watch Your Step!, Rock Art Adventure and Interview a Ranger.

This was a fun bingo activity, specific objects were not given, but more activity-based. Squares included; find 3 green things, see some rock art, smell a tree, feel some sandstone are some of the examples. The word scramble was a great learning experience. The scrambled word was given at the end of a statement about plants and animals found in this park.

Certificate Choices

Bridge Formation:Spanning Time provides a page of information about how bridges are formed, then the second page has you put in order 6 sketches showing the sequence. Creative Corner had you write a poem in cinquain format; not rhyming, but a short 5 line poem using phrases to describe something you experienced while at the park. The subject of mine was sky.

The most involved activity was the Canyon Criss-Cross, a crossword puzzle with 30 words. Help with the answers could be found in the park brochure, exhibits and in the park video. I did need to get some additional help from a ranger, who was happy to help. My Rock Art Adventure depicted birdwatching, a favorite activity while I am traveling.

As always I enjoyed learning more about this beautiful park site. After the ranger checked my booklet and awarded me their enhanced badge I was given a choice of the most attractive certificates of any Junior Ranger program I have completed.


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