Canyonlands National Park – Utah


Canyonlands National Park

Completed: September 24, 2015

This national park is very large and spread out over several districts. I visited Islands in the Sky and Needles Districts on this trip. While visiting Islands in the Sky area I picked up the Junior Ranger booklet to begin working on the activities. A couple of days later I had the booklet reviewed while visiting the Needles area.

This program is considered Senior Friendly as there are 3 ages groups and the oldest does not have an upper age limit. The groups are; Leapin’ Lizard ages 5-7, Rowdy Rabbit ages 8 – 10 and Bouncin’ Bighorn ages 11 and up.

To complete the program you are to complete the activities for the specified age group; at least 4 for the first age group, at least 5 for the middle age group and at least 6 for the upper age group, watch the the park video, attend a ranger program or pick up litter and have a ranger check the booklet.

Islands in the Sky

The activities include; Ready, Set…Hike!, Where in the World, Canyonlands Crypto, Connect the Dots, Star Search, State of Erosion, Layering Logic, Protecting Our Park, Who Am I?, The Ancient Ones, Cowboy Maze, Park Poetry, Discovery Walk Bingo, Puzzling Plants Crossword, and Our National Parks.

Canyonlands Crypto helps you understand the importance of staying on trails to protect the unique and fragile soil in the SouthWest. By using a word back you fill in words in a paragraph that describes cryptobiotic soil. State of Erosion has you identify pictures of different types of landforms and use the park map to find names that match four landforms found in the park.

Ancient Puebloan Granary

For Park Poetry you are to write a cinquain poem about something you saw in Canyonlands. This is a simple style of poem that does not have to rhyme, but describes a subject you chose. I wrote about the vistas, which are vast and beautiful. Discovery Walk Bingo is always a great way to keep you looking as you travel through the park. Instead of finding specific animals, plants or objects the squares ask you to write or draw ‘something’. Something – soft, prickly, beautiful, you smell and 12 other description.

The Puzzling Plants Crossword had a twist from other crossword puzzles, the words in the word bank were anagrams (letters mixed up). So besides figuring out the answer to the crossword statement you had to unscramble the letters. The statements gave good information about plants to this unique environment.

After spending a couple of days in the area I had a ranger check my booklet while visiting the Needles District. The ranger signed the Certificate of Completion in the back and the booklet and awarded me the badge.

Booklet & Badge

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