Arches National Park – Utah


Arches National Park

Completed: September 23, 2015

Senior Friendly

Booklet Online:

I picked up the Junior Ranger Program booklet as I entered the park the first day I arrived in the area. There are no age requirements so it is considered Senior Friendly. Inside the front cover the instructions indicate that you should attend a ranger program or watch the park movie, pick up some letter, complete 3 starred activities plus one additional activity.

The activities are; A Place of Your Own, Draw a picture of the place you chose, Arches Rocks, What They Leave Behind, Rock Art Record, Plant Pursuit, and I Was Wondering.

Overall the this Junior Ranger program is fairly easy to complete within a day’s visit. I watched the park movie and learned that there are over 2000 arches within the park, the greatest concentration on Earth. Later, from a ranger we learned that most of the arches have been discovered since the 1980s.

For A Place of Your Own I chose The Windows area to identify 3 reasons why it is my favorite place; towering rock walls, many colors and a variety of geologic formations. I drew a picture of the wall of rocks up behind the visitor center. I was surprised at the variety of rock types and colors which I learned when I completed Arches Rocks.


Other activities involved animal tracks, rock art, and plants. The final activity had you come up with a couple of questions that you thought about while visiting the park, and two things to research after your visit. When I turned in my booklet for review by the ranger he had me ask the questions and we had a very nice discussion. I really liked having this interaction with the ranger. The ranger signed my certificate of completion and issued an enhanced badge.



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