Dinosaur National Monument – Utah & Colorado

Dinosaur National Monument


Completed: September 21, 2015

Booklet online: http://www.nps.gov/dino/learn/kids

On a previous visit to this site I completed the Junior Paleontologist program.

The activities are; What Can You Find at Dinosaur?, What is Important to Protect?, How Did the Fossils Get Here?, Can You Find the Skull?, What Was That For?, What Do Dinosaur Names Tell Us?, Can You Visit Without a Trace?, Animal Tracks Guide, What Do Animal Tracks Tell Us?, What Have You Discovered?, Why Should Echo Park Be Protected?, Who Lived Here First?, How Did Homesteaders Survive?, and How Will You Explore, Learn & Protect as a Junior Ranger?

Most of the activities are fairly easy to complete, but interesting. I enjoyed translating the dinosaur names from Latin to English for the activity “What Do Dinosaur Names Tell Us? The page for Animal Tracks Guide was useful, as this is frequently needed for many Junior Ranger programs, and provided good drawings and details of nine different animals. I observed some prints near the campground, after sketching them I was able to use the guide to identify them as rabbit prints.

I like to try my hand at drawing and carry colored pencils with me as I travel. I completed a drawing of the rocks across the river from the campground for What Have You Discovered? activity. There were many layers and levels to include in the picture. The simple crossword was based on homesteading terms, specifically for the Josie Bassett Morris homestead within the park. The maze for Can You Visit Without a Trace? was very well designed. Besides finding your way through the maze, you had to make decisions to avoid harming the environment by following the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace.

Quarry Exhibit Hall

After visiting the Quarry Exhibit Hall on my last morning to finish the booklet I turned it in at the visitor center. A ranger reviewed the booklet, had me recite the pledge and awarded me the enhanced Junior Ranger badge.

Booklet & Badge


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