Devil’s Tower National Monument – Wyoming

Devil’s Tower National Monument

Completed: September 16, 2015

Senior Friendly

Most people relate to this place based on the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. I just enjoy the physical feature of Devil’s Tower and the nature found here. While camping here I saw prairie dogs, mule deer, wild turkey, American Robin and Mountain Bluebirds.

Animals of Devil’s Tower

There are only two age groups listed on the cover of this Junior Ranger Activity Guide; prairie dog for ages 4-8 and Devil’s Tower for ages 9 and up. No minimum activities are given in the booklet. A ranger told me to complete as many activities as possible. Because of time available I was concerned about completing this program. The ranger suggested I complete what I could while there, finish other activities after I left and send in the completed booklet. She also told me that they were out of the Junior Ranger badges, so it would have to be mailed at a later date.

The activities in the Activity Guide; draw a picture of a plant or animal, Animals of Devils Tower (word search), The Geologic Story, What Could it Be?, What’s in a Name?, Wildflowers, Technical Climbing ( crossword), Bingo, Fill in the Blank, Fires and Floods, and Tower Journal. What’s in a Name? has to be completed in the visitor center, it involves matching the different Native American languages with their name for the tower. Most of the other activities could be done off site, as the information in the guide was very well presented and complete.

I enjoyed drawing a prairie dog peering out of a burrow and a spiderwort wildflower. I learned that Devil’s Tower was the first National Monument designated in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. On the Tower Journal page I recorded that I hiked the Red Beds Trail. On the line “something that made me laugh” while hiking, I recorded ‘ a red squirrel scolding me’. This trail is about 3 miles long and circles the base of the tower, a bit further lower than the popular Tower Trail. I only met two other couples along the trail. The views were enjoyable.

Red Bed Trail

As I didn’t complete the program while there I did not receive the certificate or badge. Once I receive those I will update this posting.
February 2016
Last Fall I mailed my completed booklet back to the monument. In very little time I received the booklet back with the certificate completed and the Junior Ranger badge.

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