Joshua Tree National Park – California

Joshua Tree National Park
Twentynine Palms, CA

Junior Ranger

Completed: May 5, 2013

Joshua Tree National Park is another park site that I have visited many times, and always enjoy making another visit. This visit I was able to complete their Junior Ranger program. Their program has three age groups; ages 4-7 are lizards, ages 8-10 are roadrunners, and ages 11-14 are coyotes. I completed the requirements for the older group which required five pages at the back of the book, as well as the plant and animal checklist pages at the beginning. A requirement to attend a ranger talk or visit an exhibit in a visitor center is also required.

Wildlife Watch checklist

The graphics in this booklet are spectacular. This Wildlife Watch page, required to be completed by all age groups, is an example of the high quality throughout the booklet. Other activities required of the older age group includes; Amazing Animals, Who Am I?, Landscape Drawing, Earth Friendly Checklist, and Nature Sketchbook. Two of these activities have you drawing natural features within the park which I enjoyed. The other pages involved information about animals and the many people who have occupied the park.

Booklet Cover

Once I completed the requirements I had the booklet reviewed by a ranger I received the standard badge. I was also given the book “A Joshua Tree Named Lily”, pictured above. This is another beautifully illustrated book. The book tells the story of a Joshua Tree over its lifespan. This book will be a nice memory of another fun visit to Joshua Tree National Park.

Booklet graphics


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