Epic Proportions – QuestScouts


Completed: June 25, 2015
Released: February 1, 2015
Expires: September 1, 2015

This quest focused on BIG! This was a fun quest, several of the quests were completed while traveling on our summer vacation. Before I left home I viewed a documentary titled “American Giants”, about the history of Muffler Men. These were created as advertising for a variety of businesses across the United States. Along our route we found one in Farmington, New Mexico at a glass business along Main Street. So two quests completed; Research and Visit.

Muffler Man – Sun Glass in Farmington, NM

Another quest involved getting a picture of a “World’s Largest”. Along our route I found several, some a bit off our route and others we missed because of traffic or weather. I did see the World’s Largest” working chain saw in Upper Michigan, but that wasn’t my thing. Back in Arizona, after visiting Petrified Forest National Park, we saw a sign for the “World’s Largest” petrified tree. It was at Geronimo’s Trading Post, along I-40 in Joseph City. There is no sign at the tree, in their parking lot, proclaiming it the “World’s Largest”, but the staff confirmed it had been designated and I later found it on a website. What I am standing in front of is the trunk, laying around me are other pieces of the tree’s trunk. It was big!

World’s Largest Petrified Tree

Finally the Art quest involved locating and photographing a mural, then creating a smaller version. While on our trip we spent several days in Hutchinson, Kansas. I located a wall of murals in downtown which I photographed, then created a sketch using colored pencils. I thought the design was fairly basic, a sheaf of wheat and some quilt squares, and would be easy to sketch. That worked well until I got to the quilt design at the outer edges – not so easy.


Another fun Quest completed!


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