All That Came Before – Quest Scouts

Quest Scouts

Quest completed: All That Came Before

Completed: May 23, 2015


Quest Scouts is a new program, scouts for adults! I am including this as part of my Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly blog because it is in the spirit of an activity designed for adults. In my younger years I was a Girl Scout and earned a few badges along the way. So, join me on a new adventure!

In order to earn a Quest Scout badge you complete objectives within set categories; Media, Literature, Travel, Visit, Research, Art, Photography, DIY, Find, Games and MicroQuests. Each objective is worth a variety of points which usually add up to 2500, 1000 points is usually enough earn the badge. A new Quest is offered monthly with several months to complete before it is archived.

This is a commercial site which allows you to participate for free or pay a membership fee, at three different levels. I am currently participating for free, but considering paying a monthly fee. The badges are attractive, as well as the other items offered. Check it out.

DIY Frame

All That Came Before, the first badge I chose to complete, focuses on history. I completed five of the objectives; Visit, Travel, Research, Art and DIY for a total of 1,150 points. As you complete an activity you post your information on the website or via social media using #questscouts. I am using Instagram to post pictures taken and of completed projects.

Art – La Casa Cordova

For Travel I posted pictures of three historical markers; Geronimo Surrender Monument ( E of Douglas, AZ), El Tiradito (Tucson) and Juan Bautista de Anza expedition (Tucson, bridge over Santa Cruz River). For Art I did a sketch of the oldest building in Tucson, La Casa Cordova, which is part of the Tucson Museum of Art property. My DIY project was a picture frame made from National Park magnets framing a picture of me participating in Earth Day 1970.

Travel – El Tiradito

I enjoyed the variety of activities. This is a great program for adults to explore the world around you! I’ll start working on Epic Proportions.


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