Tumacacori National Historical Park – Arizona


Tumacacori National Historical Park

Completed: March 10, 2015

Senior Friendly

This park site is almost in my backyard, about 50 miles south of Tucson. Before leaving on a trip to follow the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail (Anza NHT) I visited this site to begin collecting the NPS passport stamps along the trail. This is a site which has the Junior Ranger booklet available online to print at home. I like to get the booklet on site as the quality of the booklet is better, however I knew I would have limited time at the site the day we visited.

This program is considered Senior Friendly as no age range was given. The staff on site were very welcoming when I presented my completed booklet for review. I did discuss the possibility of creating a Senior Ranger program, the staff was interested and provided business cards of park staff to contact about this possibility.


The information in the booklet was so complete that I was able to almost finish the booklet before arriving at the site. I appreciated having the opportunity to spend extra time to draw, color and read the material before arriving at the site.

Activities includes; River of Life, A-Maze-Ing Baskets, The Spanish Rubric, Time Traveler, How Quails Tricked Coyote, What’s For Dinner?, What Do Rangers Do?, Pack, Trek Build!, Backyard Annual Cycle. Tumacacori is along the Santa Cruz River, so plant and animal life is abundant. Eleven objects were ‘hidden’ within a detailed line drawing titled ‘River of Life’. I liked that each item included a clue about their location in the picture or something about the item.

Time Traveler was a two page activity with a detailed picture of daily activity at the mission. From the picture there were four questions about what you see; things they are doing, what you smell or hear, write a journal entry and then explain why you would want to visit the mission 200 years ago or today. I chose to visit today in order to see the changes from then to now.

Pack, Trek, Build! was an activity which provided an overview of the expedition led by Juan Bautista de Anza in 1775-6 to bring over 300 people from New Spain (Mexico) to Alta California to settle what is today San Francisco. The background information told you about the expedition and the next page had items from the past and the present that might be brought along by the families. To complete this activity you were to mark what you would bring along. Some items to leave behind were a bicycle, cell phone, flashlight and other items that didn’t exist in 1775.

Once at Tumacacori I checked a few of my answers and then turned in the completed packet. I received an enhanced badge and completed , colorful certificate.

Booklet & Badge


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