George Washington Carver National Monument – Missouri


George Washington Carver National Monument

Junior Ranger:Senior Friendly

Completed: October 18, 2014

This site has so much to offer, both in a natural setting in the SW corner of Missouri and a visitor center that provides information and hands-on educational opportunities. George Washington Carver was born a slave near the end of the Civil War and became a renowned scientist and educator. I spent an afternoon at this site as we traveled through the area, if I lived in the area I would visit frequently.

Two booklets are available for the Junior Ranger program; The Plant Doctor and The Scientist. I had a hard time deciding which booklet to complete, I finally decided on The Scientist. When I visit the next time I will definitely do The Plant Doctor. Both booklets can be downloaded as a .pdf file before your visit.

This is a very simple Junior Ranger program, for all ages. All ages are to complete one ranger -based activity and 5 activities in the booklet. Ranger-based activities include; a ranger-led program, watching the park video or hiking the Carver trail. I watched the very well done video on his life and hiked the trail. It was a beautiful Fall day to explore the grounds. Activities in the booklet include; The Mission (word search), Bingo, George Washington Carver says. . , Overcoming Obstacles, Carver Discoveries, The Peanut Plant, Carver’s Quest for Education, Art, and Equipment.

The activities in the booklet can be completed by viewing the numerous displays in the visitor center. Upstairs the area is designed for youth groups to experience his life and teachings. There is a schoolroom from his period and a science-lab to perform experiments similar to his work. I enjoyed completing Bingo as I spent time at the site, the matching activity titled Overcoming Obstacles and using math to crack the code for Carter Discoveries. Labeling the peanut plant brought back memories of science class. The true and false statements about his Quest for Education reinforced what he achieved in his lifetime and the difficulties he endured to become a world-renowned educator.

Once I completed the required activities a park ranger reviewed and discussed my responses. I appreciate when Rangers or volunteers take the time to review the booklet and discuss what I have done. I always learn a bit more about the site. I was awarded the standard badge and a gold sticker which was a replica of the badge.



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