Buffalo National River – Arkansas

Bluffalo Point

Buffalo National River
Harrison, AR


Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly

Completed: September 26, 2014

This is a new park site for me to visit. This area is considered park of the Ozark Mountains, and is beautiful. I am a couple of weeks early for the fall colors, but the hills and valleys of green trees are something very different for me. A few trees are starting to change colors.

This program is considered Senior Friendly as no ages ranges are given. Everyone is expected to complete at least five pages as well as view a park video or attend a ranger talk. Within the booklet pages have a symbol indicating difficulty, either a squirrel for easy or a Pileated woodpecker for more difficult.

The original plan was to camp here one night, but the campground and weather were so nice we stayed two nights.

Tyson Bend campground

On the second day I picked up the booklet at Tyler Bend visitor center and began working on the activities. During the day we drove from Marshall over to Buffalo Point ranger station. While at Buffalo Point I completed the booklet.

Buffalo Point River view

Activities in the booklet include: Where Are You?, Coloring Page, Food Chains, Fossil Hunt, Karst Maze, Bats, People Along the River, Cultural Landscape, Safety on the River, Ask A Ranger, Take only pictures, leave only footprints, and Puzzles.

I enjoyed the crossword puzzle, besides a word bank a glossary was also provided. The People Along the River page was the most interesting. It had samples of the Osage language, which used symbols grouped together. With the Osage symbols and English words you completed a story about a day in the life of the Osage people.

One of the fossils we found in the campsite were Worm Burrows. There were part of the pavers used at our campsite.

Fossil Worm Burrows

Once I completed the booklet while at Buffalo Point a ranger reviewed the booklet with me. Before administering the pledge she asked where I would like to take the pledge. I looked puzzled, she told some of the kids like to take it outside by the flagpole. I told her I was fine with taking it inside at the counter. We spent some time talking about the Senior Ranger programs Iz have completed while visiting other sites round the U.S.

This site has an enhanced Junior Ranger badge. It shows the bluffs, Buffalo River with a canoe along the shore.

Junior Ranger booklet & badge


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