Canyon de Chelly National Monument – Arizona

Spider Rock

Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Chinle, AZ

Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly

Completed: September 16, 2014

Another park site I have visited a number of times over the past thirty years, but the first time as a Junior Ranger. The booklet was given to this senior without hesitation. This programs rates as Senior Friendly as no age limits or ranges are given. Along with the one page handout you are given a pencil and a bag to collect litter.

View from Spider Rock Overlook

After visiting the hogan next to the visitor center and completing the activity associated with the hogan we drove the South Rim drive out to Spider Rock Overlook. While there we saw some ruins across the canyon in the canyon walls. Amazing that anyone could live up on a ledge so far from the canyon floor.

Ruin from Spider Rock Overlook

For a second overlook required for the program we drove out to Sliding House Overlook. The walk out to the overlook was over the natural rock, marked with painted footprints and carved out steps. It took some time to identify the ruins named after this overlook. Once I spotted the ruins, again I was amazed that people lived on that narrow ledge. In the case they believe as many as 50 people may have lived at this site.

Once I completed the observations I made while at the overlooks and the crossword puzzle I returned to the visitor center. The ranger on duty was very enthusiastic that I had taken the time to complete the program. She shared some personal memories of time spent at her grandmother’s hogan. After reciting the Junior (Senior) Ranger pledge I received the enhanced badge, postcard of Mummy Cave a Ruin and a wonderful A Kid’s Guide to Exploring Canyon de Chelly. National Monument. The enhanced badge pictures Spider Rock.

Junior Ranger handout, enhanced badge and book.


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