Junior Paleontologist – Nationwide

Junior Paleontologist


Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly

Completed: September 24, 2013

This booklet can be downloaded from the link listed above. When completed an address is provided to send in the booklet. They will review and return the booklet with the badge.

While visiting Dinosaur National Monument in Utah I learned about the Junior Paleontologist program. It is considered Senior Friendly as the upper age group is listed as ages 10 and up. The other two ages groups are ages 5 and up and ages 8 and up. Each age group is represented by a symbol which designates the activities to complete; Trilobite, Sauropod and Saber-Tooth Cat, from youngest to the oldest group.

Your age determines how many activities you are to complete. Hmmm, with only sixteen activities I’m afraid my age exceeds the number of activities. Eleven of them have the Saber-Tooth Cat, that is what I completed. Activities for all include; Road to Fossilization, Fossil Hunters, Fossil Types, Paleontologist’s Scrapbook, The Right Stuff, Find the Fossil, Geologic Time, It’s All Relative, Climate Change, Buried Treasure, maze-ing Finds, The Real Jurassic Park, Everything is Bigger in Texas, Cenozic Round-Up, Eye of the Beholder and two final pages with no symbols, State Fossils and Fossils Where You Are.

According to the booklet there are 230 parks (out of 401) that preserves fossils. As this is a nationwide program there is a page at the beginning of the booklet titled, “Paleo-Park Passport”. As you visit other parks that preserve fossils you can use their passport stamp to record your visit.

Paleo-Park Passport

Not a part of this park site, but made available by Uintah County Travel and Tourism is a fun Dinosaur Hunting License. The license includes several play on words that are creative.

Dinosaur Hunting License

Once I completed the activities while at Dinosaur a National Monument a ranger reviewed my booklet and awarded me the enhanced Junior Ranger badge with images unique to fossil sites.

Booklet & badge

After visiting Dinosaur National Monument, a few days later, I visited Agate Fossil Beds National Monument. I completed their Junior Ranger during that visit, the blog for that visit was posted April 28, 2014.

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument – Nebraska


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