Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks – Oregon & Washington

Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks
Oregon & Washington


Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly

Completed: July 28, 2014

This is a unique park site that interprets the western terminus of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805, besides being part of the National Park Service (NPS) it is also administered by the Oregon and Washington State Parks. There are a total of eleven sites associated with this park. They are scattered around NW Oregon and SW Washington and administered by any of the three agencies. In Oregon the visitor center at Fort Clatsop is an NPS site, this is where I picked up the Junior Ranger Activity Book.

The program is considered Senior Friendly because the front of the booklet shows Ages 13+, no upper age is given. The ranger will give you the booklet for your age group, they have booklets for younger ages; ages 4-8 and ages 9-12. For the older age group you are expected to complete at least 8 of the 10 activities in the booklet.

Activities include; The National Park Service, What Happened at Dismal Nitch?, Deciding Where to Spend the Winter, Poetry of the Park, Tree of Life, Following the Trail…, Where the River Meets the Ocean…, Navigation and Mapping, Crossword Puzzle!, and Journal Time.

I enjoyed several of the writing activities which had you reflect and respond to how you would experience the conditions the Corp of Discovery experienced. A Word Box is provided for you to create a poem using words relating to the expedition. Activities involve learning about the trees used by the American Indians in the Northwest and the importance of estuaries.

Once completed and reviewed you will recite the pledge and receive the standard Junior Ranger badge. In addition, a unique patch is available for the Junior Corps of Discovery. According to the information in the booklet you earn this patch based on number of sites visited. The levels are;
Private – visit one site, complete 8 of 10 activities
Sergeant – visit two sites.
Captain – visit three sites, complete the booklet
President – visit four sites, complete the booklet


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