Wupatki National Monument – Arizona

Wupatki National Monument
N of Flagstaff, AZ


Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly

Completed: August 1, 2014

Wupatki National Monument is one of three national park sites surrounding Flagstaff, AZ; Sunset Crater National Monument and Walnut Canyon National Monument are near by. This is also my final Junior Ranger program for the three sites. When I completed this site I purchased the patch representing all three sites.


As Wupatki NM is part of a loop drive with Sunset Crater NM you can pick up the booklet at either visitor center and turn it in at either end to receive the badge. I picked up the booklet at the Sunset Crater NM and worked on it as we drove between the two sites. Once at the Wupatki NM Visitor Center I was able to complete the activities.

Native plant garden

This is a Senior Friendly program as no age limits are given. The activities are relatively easy to complete during an hour’s visit. Activities include; Yesterday and Today, Our Needs Make Us Alike, Going Through the Garbage, Using these clues can you figure out:, Think About Your Home, and What Do You Think? There were two activities that had you draw, a matching activity and several that had you think and react to your way of living in comparison to the early inhabitant’s lifestyle. The ball court at the main Wupatki ruin is a mystery to archeologists. One activity has you describe the game you would play in the ball court.

Wukoki Ruin

Once I completed the workbook a ranger at Wupatki reviewed the booklet, gave me the Junior Ranger oath and presented me with their badge.

Booklet & badge


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