Coronado National Monument – Arizona

Coronado National Monument
Hereford, AZ

Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly

Completed: May 27, 2013

This site in Southeast Arizona is small, but always enjoyable at which to spend time. My first stop is always at the visitor center, and at the back window to look for local wildlife at a waterhole outside the window. This is a great place to see a wide variety of wildlife, like the Mexican Jay pictured above.

This is consider a Senior Friendly program because the third age group states “If you are 12 to 100”. Two other ages groups are listed as; 5 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old. The upper age group is told to try to complete all the activities.

The activities included in the booklet are; Discovering Coronado, The Expedition, What did Coronado and his men wear?, What Would You Bring?, Across the Border: Match the Words, Meet the Plants, Explore the Park with Touch, Explore Coronado Underground, In Depth Exploration: Keeping Track, Explore Coronado: Sit and Be, Send a Postcard, Follow Up Questions – What did you do Today?, and National Park Arrowhead.

In Send a Postcard you are to write to someone and tell them about your time at Coronado National Monument. I chose to write to my grandkids.


In the visitor center there is a trunk of items the soldiers might have worn on the expedition. On the page asking what did they wear you are asked to describe what an item felt like, what other members might have worn and who they might have met along the route. You are also asked to sketch three of the items. This makes you focus on what it might have been like to be part of the expedition.

Because this site shares a border with Mexico there is a page that has you match Spanish and English words. A Spanish pronunciation of the words is also available on this page. Another page has you explore the animals found within the monument by examining animal skulls on a table in the visitor center. I really enjoyed the Sit and Be page as it has you sketch and identify things around you that you can see, hear or smell while out and about in the monument.

Once I finished the booklet I brought it back to the ranger in the visitor center. She thoroughly reviewed the booklet and we discussed several items before awarding me the attractive patch pictured below.

Coronado NM patch

Junior Ranger booklet


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