Chiricahua National Monument – Arizona

Chiricahua National Monument
Willcox, AZ

Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly

Completed: April 27, 2013

This is a park site I have visited many times over the years and explored a major portion of the monument. This was my first visit since I began doing the Junior Ranger programs. The weather was perfect for camping on the park. This is a great bird watching area, close enough to the Mexican border to get neotropical birds. Pictured above is the Acorn Woodpecker.

This is considered Senior Friendly as the upper age group is listed as 10 and older, no upper age given. The other age groups are; 6 and under and 7 to 9. For the older group you need to complete two specific pages, hike a trail and then 7 – 9 other activities in the booklet.

I hiked in Echo Canyon, what a great hike. The nice thing is you can go a short distance or much longer. The park even offers a free hiker shuttle which takes you to the top of the road so you can hike back down to the visitor center or campground. I’ve done this in the past, makes for a wonderful hike.

Some of the activities are titled; My Visit at Chiricahua National Monument, who Named the Rocks, Watchable Wildlife, Animal Adaptations, Chiricahua Is Our Home, Chiricahua Bird Word, Chiricahua: Then and Now, Faraway Ranch Scavenger Hunt, Interview A Park Ranger and What is Wilderness. The two required pages, for all age groups, are The Chiricahua National Monument Story and Chiricahua Bingo.

I enjoyed the detective work to determine the animals from the given clues in Chiricahua Is Our Home. The Bird Word crossword was a great review of the birds found in the area. Using map skills for What Is Wilderness? was also rewarding.

Once I completed the booklet I brought it to the visitor center where a ranger reviewed and discussed my answers. I always appreciate when the rangers take time to spend time reviewing the booklet. Once that was done I was given a beautiful patch, sticker and an excellent book. The booklet is titled ” A Kid’s Guide to Exploring Chiricahua National Monument”. This small book is beautiful designed with exceptional graphics and pictures which provides a complete overview of the monument. I keep in my living room displayed on the coffee table.

Kid’s booklet

Junior Ranger patch

Junior Ranger certificate and booklet


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