Cedar Breaks National Monument – Utah

Cedar Breaks National Monument
Cedar City, Utah

Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly

Completed: July 30, 2014

July at Cedar Breaks National Monument is the best place to see wildflowers. The view to the west into the ‘breaks’ is beautiful, but I really enjoy the flowers along the edge at over 10,000 feet. I was excited to compete their Junior Ranger program.

This program is considered Senior Friendly because the upper age group does not give an age limit, but is listed for ages 13 and older. There are three other age groupings; ages 5 – 7, ages 8 – 9, and ages 10 – 12. For the oldest group you are to complete all of the activities, there are 12 activities in the booklet. The last activity is a night time activity, relating to the dark night sky. If you are only visiting during the day time the rangers will excuse you from completing that activity.

One of the activities is to attend a ranger walk or interview a ranger. I decided to join the 2 PM walk with Intern Chris, a great choice for me. He had a wealth of information about the plants as we walked along the rim.

Ranger hike

The other activities included; Cedar Break Bingo, Geology Crosswood, Geologist’s Notebook, Dot-to-Dot Wildflowers, Web of Wildlife in Winter, Look for Cedar Breaks Wildlife, Yesterday and Today, Lightning Safety, ID a Tree, Exploring With Your Senses.

Drawing rocks for the Geologist’s Notebook was a challenge for me, but good practice for me to keep improving my drawing skills. Learning about which animals live here in the winter and how they adapt to the cold winter environment was interesting. Finding and coloring the animals in the hidden puzzle was fun, they list that there are eleven hidden, I found twelve. The rangers agreed all the shapes I colored were animals, so twelve seems to be a better number. The graphics in the booklet are very well done.

Even with the ranger walk I probably spent a little over two hours to complete the booklet. Once the ranger reviewed the booklet I received the standard badge.

Booklet & Badge


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