Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park – Kentucky

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Place
Sinking Spring Farm
Hodginville, KY


Completed: July 10, 2013

Junior Ranger

During the summer of 2013 summer while traveling through the mid-west I finally was able to visit the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. I have previously been able to visit Springfield, IL and southern Indiana, significant locations in Lincoln’s development. After a lifetime of hearing about his early years in Kentucky it was great to visit this site.

When requested I was given a Junior Ranger booklet. This program is listed as Junior Ranger only because the upper age given is 12. Three age levels are given; ages 5-6, ages 7-9 and ages 10-12.

The booklet had 11 activities which the upper age group had to complete all of the activities. Between displays in the visitor center, material in the booklet and some time spent on the grounds I was able to complete the booklet in little over an hour.

Activities included; background on the National Park Service, including information specific to this location, Match the Tools, Draw What You Saw, Build A Cabin, All About Abe,Lincoln Heritage Trail maze, Crack the Code, Lincoln Sites, Lincoln Word Search, Pack the Wagon,and Lincoln’s Speech.

I enjoyed the drawing activity, matching answers with facts about Abe, and facts found around the birthplace site. The site is small, the actual birthplace does not exist, however the spring, Sinking Spring, critical to the location is still flowing. Just being where he was born was meaningful.

Once I completed the booklet and the ranger reviewed my answers I received a Certificate of Achievement and the standard Junior Ranger badge.


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