Lassen Volcanic National Park – California

Volcano Club – Senior Ranger

Completed: July 28, 2014

Lassen Volcanic National Park offers an adult-oriented program titled “Lassen Volcanic Club”.
A half-sheet of cardstock can be picked up a visitor center, Loomis Museum or Kohm Yah-mah-nee, the activities can also be downloaded through their website in advance of a visit.

To earn the Lassen Volcanic Club certificate you need to complete seven of 14 possible activities. Traveling around the park provides plenty of opportunities. Several of the activities; listing safety rules in hydrothermal areas, name other national park sites with volcanic features, how to protect the volcanic features at Lassen and reasons for studying volcanoes can be completed prior to arriving at the park, if you wish.

Several activities involve hiking some of the trails within the park; Devastated Area, Lassen Peak, and Cinder Cone. You can go long or short to get the answers. I spent some time at Sulphur Works to complete one of the questions. As good as any of the mud pots I have seen at Yellowstone.

Sulphur Works

While at Lassen I helped my grandchildren with their Junior Ranger activities, this helped me answer one of the questions about the types of volcanoes found at Lassen.

Junior Ranger interviewing Park Ranger

While there they were able to complete their Junior Ranger program and another program, Green Junior Ranger. The Green Junior Ranger program focuses on what kids can do to preserve the environment. Unfortunately the rangers told us the program would be discontinued when they ran out of badges, they only had a few left. Rangers at the visitor centers seemed interested in keeping the program going, even suggesting contacting the park administration to promote the continuance of the program.

Green Junior Ranger patch

Once I completed at least seven activities I took my card to a ranger at Kohm Yah-mah-nee visitor center, she reviewed my answers and gave me a certificate as a member of the Lassen Volcano Club. With that certificate I was able to buy an attractive patch at the bookstore for less than $3.

Patch & Certificate

I appreciated having a senior-oriented activity to work on while enjoying Lassen Volcanic National Park. This park is a sleeper, much less crowded than many national park sites with diverse activities. While there I went kayaking on Manzanita Lake with my grandchildren. While on the lake we saw an American Bald Eagle fly over and a Common Muskrat swam near our kayaks as it made its way to a clump of bushes in the middle of the lake. Lassen is more than just a volcano!


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