Cape Perpetua Scenic Area – Oregon

Completed: June 24, 2014

Junior Ranger- Senior Friendly

This area along the Oregon Coast has always been a favorite of mine, it is wild country! Above and below Cape Perpetua is lots of tourist development. Cape Perpetua provides both coastal and inland areas to explore.

The program is considered Senior Friendly because the upper age group is listed as 10+, with no upper age given. There are 3 levels; ages 4-6, ages 7-9 and the upper at ages 10+. The upper age groups is expected to complete 5 activities with 2 of them within the Owl symbol.

There are a total of 12 activities, with 6 Owl activities. The program can easily be completed during a visit of a couple of hours. Several of the activities can be completed within the Visitor Center, including watching one of several films available. You can request a film to be shown, from a list on the theatre door, by asking staff at the desk. I watched the longest film, “Cape Perpetua:Discovery at the Edge”. It lasted 18 minutes and provided a wealth of information, plus beautiful scenery.

Other activities include; Where Are You, Where Are You Going, a Whale of a Tail, How to ID Gray Whales, Tidepools, Experience A Rainforest, Nature Matters, Nature Provides, Layers of the Forest, Plants of Cape Perpetua and The People’s History.

Banana Slug

For Nature Matters I hiked in the Cummins Creek Wilderness area, which is actually outside of the Scenic Area, but borders the area. The trail was amazing, the forest diversity was plentiful and the solitude was appreciated.

Cummins Creek Wilderness Sign


When I completed the booklet the ranger on duty was very enthusiastic and was glad adults were completing the program. Even though this site is administered by the US Forest Service they did have a badge just like the ones given out by the National Park Service. It does not have Cape Perpetua on the badge, but Suislaw, which is the National Forest in which Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is contained.

Booklet & badge


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