John Day Fossil Beds National Monument – Oregon

Completed: June 18, 2014

Junior-Senior Ranger

This is a repeat visit to a park site we have always enjoyed, but the first time for the Junior & Senior Ranger program. This is the first site where the front of the booklet lists “Junior & Senior Ranger”. It will be listed on the Junior Ranger page because the final award is the plastic standard Junior Ranger badge. However I found the activities very challenging and I think any ‘true’ Junior Ranger would have difficulty completing without adult help.

I enjoyed the challenge! We spent several hours around the main visitor center and Cant Ranch to complete most of the booklet. Ranger Michelle presented the award after carefully reviewing my booklet and giving me feedback. I appreciate when the ranger review the booklet.

Some of the activities are titled; Map Your Visit, assemble a Skelton, Early Fossil Hunters, Fossil Gallery Scavenger Hunt, A Horse, of Course, A Trail Through Time, and Hear, Here and There, as well as others. In Map Your Visit space is provided for the passport stamps for the 3 units. The Fossil Gallery Scavenger hunt was the most difficult, but very informative and thoughtful. Once you found the animal in the gallery a thoughtful question was posed for you to answer.

Clarno Unit

When I completed the booklet and after the booklet was reviewed Ranger Michelle asked if I wanted to take the oath. When I said yes (I think some Senior rangers do not always want to take the oath) she offered to let me wear a ‘real’ rangers hat during the oath. Very cool!

Receiving oath wearing ranger hat

Booklet & Badge


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