Crater Lake National Park – Oregon

Completed: June 6, 2014

Junior Ranger

This booklet contained eleven activities and was easy to complete during our half-day visit to Crater Lake National Park. I picked up the booklet at the main visitor center, south and down from the rim. While there I watched the short film about the park. When I completed it I was able to turn it in at the small visitor center on the rim. Even though no ranger was on duty that day the bookstore employee reviewed the booklet and gave me my badge and sticker.

On the front of the booklet it states the booklet is designed for ages 6 – 12 and only 7 of the 11 pages need to be completed. I was able to complete all 11 pages in the few hours I spent along the rim.

In June there is still a great deal of snow up on the rim. Most of the rim view trails in the main area are snow covered. The front door to the gift shop and cafe are packed under snow, a side and back door are open. The drives out to the east edge of the rim are still snow covered and closed.

Some of the activities are titled; Design Your Own National Park, Ranger’s Notebook, all in a Day’s Work, The Mountain That Became a Lake, An Eruption Story, Submarine Search, Poetry in the Park and More-Than-a-Lake Bingo. Two additional activities that I found challenging were An A-maze-ing Bird! And Winter Scramble. The maze took you through the life cycle of a Whitebark Pine and how the Clark’s Nutcracker plants the initial seed. The scramble was based on animal behavior, specifically the adaptations each of the animals make to survive.

There is a little bit of everything; some drawing, poetry, fill in the blank, observations and sorting. Most of the activities might be hard for a 6-8 year old to do on their own, however on the front of the booklet it states that this is a family program and family assistance is encouraged.

Booklet & badge


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