Zion National Park – Utah


Entrance to The Narrows

Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly

Completed: May 21, 2014

A beautiful late Spring day at Zion National Park was a perfect day to work on and complete my Junior Ranger program. On the front of the booklet it lists ages 4 and older, so this is considered Senior Friendly with no upper age limit given. Inside it breaks down, by age groups, which pages to complete.

Besides the required pages I was able to complete several additional pages while spending the day in the canyon. Age 9 or older have 12 activities to complete. One activity is to attend a Ranger program. Several are offered throughout the day. I spent about 3 hours at Zion and was able finish all of the requirements.

I really enjoyed the ranger program ” Animals of Zion”. Ranger Grace did an excellent job presenting details about how animals use attraction, mimicry, camouflage and warning. Lots of interesting information given about turkeys, King snakes, canyon tree frogs and tarantula hawks. I have always been fascinated by the tarantula hawk, it uses tarantulas as a nursery for their young. They have the second most painful sting of any insect, good to know next time I am seeing one. They feed off milkweed which makes them poisonous to be eaten by most animals, except the Roadrunner can consume them with no adverse effects. Once again, I learned something new and interesting while completing the program!

Some of the activities were titled; Animal Tracks, Buddy System (plant and animal partners), Zion Rocks!, Zion Canyon Scenic Drive – “I Spy”, Design a Patch, Zion Poetry and a variety of other activities.

View from Zion NP Visitor Center

Booklet and badge


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