Mojave National Preserve – California

Kelso Depot


Completed: January 27, 2014

Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly

Picked up the booklet Sunday evening at Hole In The Wall Information Center before camping near there for the night. This Junior Ranger program is listed as Senior Friendly as no age, even upper age is listed in the booklet. No set number of activities are required to receive the award. For younger children the booklet allows for help from adults.

Enjoyed a campfire and a few stars in the mostly overcast sky. It continued to be breezy in the morning, cool enough to enjoy the Preserve. As this is a desert park it can be very hot during the summer months. Before leaving the campground area I walked around the Hole In The Wall picnic area to complete a section in the booklet. The scramble of rocks in this area is amazing. There is a trail that takes you down into the most unusual rocks of the area, including the hole in the wall.

Drove to Kelso Depot, completing sections of the Junior Ranger booklet along the way. Stopped along side of the road to sketch a Joshua Tree as part of the ‘Look Around’ section for Teutonia Peak. There were several opportunities to draw plants or animals in the preserve. There are also activities to write your observations or thoughts about this unique environment.

I sat at the lunch counter in the Kelso Depot, which is currently not open for service, to complete the booklet. There are great displays, upstairs and downstairs, in the depot to help you complete activities in the booklet. Once I completed the booklet it was reviewed by the Volunteer on duty and the pledge was given. I received the standard badge and a certificate.

Booklet and Badge


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