Fort Bowie National Historic Site – Arizona

Completed: November 26, 2013
Junior Ranger- Senior Friendly

To reach this National Park site you will drive on some Southeastern Arizona back roads and eventually a well-graded dirt road. Once at the parking area you will hike 1-1/2 miles to reach the Visitor Center.

Drive to Fort Bowie NHS

Trailhead – Fort Bowie NHS

Besides great history the walk into the fort is a great hike. On the hike you pass a variety of points of interest; old cabin ruins, Butterfield Stage Station ruins, the Post Cemetery and the Spring necessary to provide water to the fort.

Along the trail – Butterfield Stage Stop

Once at the Visitor Center you can pick up the Junior Ranger Program booklet. There are 8 activities in the booklet with only 3 activities required to receive the badge. This program is considered Senior Friendly as no age, especially an upper age is listed.

View from Visitor Center

In under an hour I was able to complete all of the activities. The best activity was ‘Explore Fort Bowie’. The layout of the fort is provided with walking directions. As you walk through the old fort you label the ruins on a key provided. Other activities involved viewing the exhibits in the Visitor Center.

Junior Ranger booklet and badge


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