Cape Hatteras National Seashore – North Carolina

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Completed: November 5, 2013

Junior Seashore Ranger

Last time I was here it was hot and muggy, summertime. The two days spent here in November were a contrast; cloudy and blustery the first day, warm and sunny the last day. I picked up the Junior Ranger booklet at the Cape Hatteras Light Station Visitor Center. This site is interesting because the lighthouse was moved in 1999 over 1/2 mile to its present location. It was built in 1870 and the beach has eroded so much over time that the move was necessary to preserve the historic structure. One activity in the booklet has you predict where the shoreline will be in 100 years.

The booklet activities are grouped by three age categories; Blue Crab for any age, Ghost Crab for ages 5-7, and Horseshoe Crab for ages 8-13. For each age group you are to complete five activities within your crab section. There was a separate booklet for ages 3-5. By completing the booklet at anytime during the year you earn the badge.

Cape Hatteras Light Station

This was one of the better booklets I have completed. For some of the activities they provide background material so you can complete the activity. At some park sites, without a ranger program or if a visitor center was closed for the season it was difficult to figure out the answers.

I learned that lighthouses have a unique pattern, called a daymark. That has made me curious to see other lighthouses to note their daymark.

Ocracoke Lighthouse

The variety of activities was interesting; a Island Habitats, Beachcombing (eyes only), Astronomy, Night Lights (Sea Turtles), Adaptations, Dress A Lighthouse, Crossword, Write a Newspaper Article and Practice Being a Ranger. For the last activity you would write a short explanation to the common questions rangers are asked about visiting the park and protecting the resources.

I was able to complete the two required, plus eleven other activities during my two day visit. Completing five could easily be done in a shorter visit. There are a total of 17 activities plus the 2 required at the front of the booklet. Booklet


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