Thomas Edison National Historical Park – New Jersey

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly

Completed: October 27, 2013


It has been a number of years since I have been able to visit this favorite site. Thomas Edison was not only an amazing inventor, but a savvy business person. This site in West Orange shows the wide range of his life; Glenmont Estate, library, laboratory and movie-making studio.

The Junior Ranger booklet covered all aspects of the site. It is considered Senior Friendly because the oldest category is listed as ‘ ages 9 and older’. I was able to complete in an hour while visiting the site. This site is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Hours vary throughout the year, check the website for current times and days.

The activities included; drawing, observing, writing and creating.i enjoyed the activity focusing on his library. What an amazing room. I think I would not be able to get much done in there, too many interesting distractions. There is a cot in there, sometimes he got so caught up in his work he would sleep there.

The equipment in the laboratory is extensive. You can understand how his employees could create so many useful items, they had a wide variety of equipment with which to work.
The Black Maria on the property has to be seen, not described. It was used as a studio for his early movies.

I did not tour the Glenmont Estate on this visit. It is available to tour, but you must get tickets at the laboratory complex before going on the tour. the $7 entrance fee includes the estate tour. You can earn a patch in addition to the badge by attending a program and answering some bonus questions. Great place to visit and great place to earn a Junior Ranger badge and a patch!


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