Weir Farm National Historic Site – Conneticutt

Weir Farm National Historic Site

Completed: October 26, 2013

Junior Ranger – Senior Friendly


Letterboxing is a treasure hunting activity that combines following clues and recording a variety of stamps. It started in England over 100 years ago, it continues today all over the world. I started in 2006 and to date have found over 1000 boxes, here in the states and in England. It is a great travel hobby. The National Park Service does not allow individuals to plant boxes in the park sites, it disrupts the natural environment. As avid supporters of the park I understand this restriction, so when I learned I could letterbox in a national park site AND earn a Junior Ranger badge I was excited!

Weir Farm NHS, in Connecticut, was the home of J. Alden Weir, a 19th century impressionist painter. His home and studio, plus farm land are preserved. You have a choice of two Junior Ranger programs; Letterboxing and Pond Pack. Complete either one and you receive the standard badge. Complete both and you receive a beautiful Weir Farm Junior Ranger patch, pictured on the front of the booklet.


The booklet for the letterboxing activity was excellent. Not just clues to find the five boxes planted on the property are included, but general information about the painter, farming, geology and the park service. This was one of the most complex, but achievable Junior Ranger programs I have completed.

It was a clear, windy day in the 50s as I made my way around the park. The stamps reminded me of the commercially carved stamps we found in England. The topic is unique, but not hand-carved as most of the stamps in the United States.

A perfect blend of two of my favorite hobbies; Letterboxing and Junior Ranger programs.


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