Acadia National Park – Maine

Acadia National Park

Senior Ranger

Completed: October 24, 2013

Booklet Cover

The Senior Ranger booklet is purchased at the Hulls Cove Visitor Center bookstore for $3.95. Upon completion you turn it into a NPS Ranger for review, to take the oath and receive the patch. This is truly a Senior Ranger program; ages 18 and up.

The booklet covers a variety of topics from a multiple choice on ‘Leave No Trace’ which covers the rules of the park. I was surprised to learn that there is no backpacking in the park, too congested. There are ten activities, seven are required plus attending two ranger programs. I was there after the ranger programs had ended for the season. After checking with a ranger, the park video substituted for one ranger program and I was told to do an additional activity. I ended up completing nine activities.

Probably my favorite activity was walking along the Nature Trail at Jordan Pond. The view along the pond was beautiful and it provided an opportunity for Afternoon Tea at the Jordan Pond Restaurant. A hike and fresh popovers – the perfect combination.

Jordan Pond

Afternoon Tea

The only downside to this program was the crossword puzzle. It involved 152 words, with very few relating to Acadia National Park. To whomever concocted this exercise, I can only say, it must have been a long, cold winter!

The Junior Ranger program at this park is free of charge and the booklets are at the NPS Information Desk at Hulls Cove Visitor Center. They are Senior Friendly as they indicate that 9 years and older need to complete at least 9 activities. They may be available at other locations during the summer season. Completion of the booklet earns you a patch.

When I finished the Senior Ranger booklet and brought it to the Visitor Center the Ranger on duty checked it thoroughly. The tide pool activity was the most difficult for me to complete, I appreciated her review and discussion. I received the badge pictured below after reciting the oath and being introduced to the Visitor Center crowd.

Senior Ranger badge


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