Cuyahoga Valley National Park – Ohio

Junior Ranger

Completed: October 19, 2013


What a great Junior Ranger program to start with after the parks were closed for the first half of this month. Our extended Fall trip was extended a bit more as we waited in the MidWest for the parks to reopen.

The booklet is designed for children ages 7-12, but the ranger readily handed me the book when requested. She indicated she had checked and sworn in rangers of all ages. This positive, inclusive attitude is always appreciated.

This was one of the very best booklets I have completed for the Junior Ranger award. Nine activities were required for ages 10 – 12, I completed 10. The booklet contains 15 activities. A couple of activities included map work and completing missing information provided from displays. There was the Cuyahoga Valley Bi go at the beginning that had excellent graphics and covered the wide diversity within this park.

The Nature Journal had you identify geometric shapes found in nature and there was a writing page that you had to answer the 5 Ws, the write a rope about an animal in the park.

I got to do some drawing, sketching three memorable activities I had done while in the park. One was the Art Show at the MD Garage in Boston, eating pie in Peninsula and finally the beautiful Fall colors as we drove through the park.

This park has always been special to me. I was attending high school in Toledo when the Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969 due to pollution. One activity gave background on that incident and also one in 1868. This page made me realize the impact that incident had on my interest in environmentalism.

The Oath


I was able to return to the Peninsula Depot Visitor Center to have my booklet check by the same ranger who had given me it earlier in the day. Not only did she review my completed booklet, but had me recite the pledge. She is the first ranger who, on her own, inserted Senior Ranger in place of Junior while reciting the pledge. She has also indicated an interest in developing a Senior Ranger program at Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

I can come back and complete that some day – I hope.


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