Lincoln Home National Historic Site – Illinois

image Junior Ranger Completed: September 30, 2013 A perfect Fall afternoon for walking through the several streets that have been preserved from Lincoln’s time, mid-70s. The Junior Ranger Program booklet ends at age 12, but anyone can complete. The required activities can be completed in an hour and do not require going on the house tour. As this site also commemorates the Underground Railroad there was a writing activity to reflect this important historical network. Additional activities include; traveling down the Mississippi River, a comparison of food from the past to the present, working on the railroad, and a crossword. I really enjoyed their Neighborhood Bingo. Besides looking for wildlife this bingo features the wide variety of trees in this neighboorhood. While walking around the cicadas were very vocal. Once completed I received the standard badge. The ranger also offered a special stamp commemorating the City of Springfield to place in the booklet. A beautiful embroidered patch is for sale in the bookstore. image


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