Dinosaur National Monument – Utah

Junior Ranger
Junior Paleontologist, Senior-friendly

Completed: September 24 – 25, 2013

What a great way to explore Dinosaur National Monument!
Junior Ranger
I completed this book first. It was a fun exploration of the monument. A nice variety of activities. I think the pages that had you identify what is a dinosaur, versus fossils and artifacts were useful. The activities could be completed in a half of day.


Junior Paleontologist
During the two days I worked on the Junior Paleontologist. This is one award that is offered at numerous national park sites that were created specifically because of the fossils. Dinosaur National Monument is one of the sites. The booklet covers information at a number of the parks, however you can complete the activities without visiting the different sites.
It is divided into 3 ages categories; 5 and up, 8 and up and 10 and up. The older age-grouping is represented by a Saber-tooth Cat. With the ages 10 and up designation, this makes it Senior-friendly.
There are some fun, whimsical activities, as well as thoughtful, challenging activities. It even includes some board-style games to play with another person. My husband did also complete this award. As an invertebrate paleontologist he enjoyed the activities.


Another award is also offered at this park, Junior Ranger Night Explorer. It is another award that is offered at multiple parks within the Intermountain Region which highlight the night sky. I did not complete it at this park, but will work on it during my travels and turn it in at a future date. More on that later.


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