Bryce Canyon National Park – Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park
Junior Ranger

Completed: June 20, 2013

This Junior Ranger program does a good job of extending into the Senior range. On their booklet cover it lists three ages groups with the oldest being ‘Ages 18+’. This I consider ‘Senior Friendly’!
Of course to get the award at this level you have to do all of the activities in the booklet. I did it over the course of a two day visit. There are eleven activities of a wide range of topics. The most challenging for me were the Tree Ring and Constellation activities; I definitely learned a lot completing the activities.

The most fun was the “Hike the Hoodoos”. Besides getting to hike in one of the most beautiful places, this activity takes you to benchmark interpretative signs. Once at the sign you make a pencil rubbing of the benchmark imbedded in the sign. There are nine different benchmarks in the park, some hikes as short as 0.8 miles round trip, up to 4 miles RT. You have to hike at least three miles, so only getting one rubbing on a long hike qualifies. What is really cool, is by completing this activity you receive a special hat pin with the saying “I Hiked the Hoodoos”.

When you complete the Junior Ranger program requirements you receive the standard badge. For $1 at the park bookstore (3 ft from the NPS desk) you can purchase the patch shown below. A lot of work, but very rewarding!


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