Petroglyph National Monument – New Mexico

Petroglyph National Monument


Senior Ranger

Completed: July 25, 2013

On a hot, sunny day outside of Albuquerque I stopped by Petroglyph National Monument to complete their Senior Ranger program. I always appreciate park sites which have developed a program specifically for adults. The booklet contains eight activities which all have to be completed to earn the Senior Ranger award.

Most of the activities can be completed in the vicinity of the Visitor Center, both inside and outside. The Native Plants activity was my favorite, always eager to learn more about how plants were used by Native Americans. One activity does involve visiting one of the petroglyph sites, all a short drive from the Visitor Center, to record your reflection of what life would have been like over 700 years ago.

Besides receiving a colorful Senior Ranger patch, a very nice brass hat pin is also awarded.

Thanks to the staff at Petroglyph National Monument for providing this adult-centered program!Image


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