Tonto National Monument – Arizona

Tonto National Monument

Junior Ranger & senior friendly

Completed: August 27, 2013

Today I visited Tonto National Monument in order to complete their Junior Ranger program. They readily provided the booklet to this senior adventurer. Their website lists 2 age groupings with the upper age limit being 14. However when I got there they had one booklet for all ages. The activities were easy to complete in an one hour visit. It was hot so I did not walk up to the ruins, a 1 mile round-trip with 350 ft elevation gain. The best time to visit this site is October through April. I have been up to the ruins before, an excellent set of ruins. The booklet can be completed without going up to the ruins. A short hike behind the Visitor Center was easy to complete.

Upon completion of the booklet I received the standard Junior Ranger badge labeled ‘Tonto’.

Note: the activities on their website do not match the booklet. They do allow you to complete those activities to mail in for the award, but they are not part of their on-site activities.



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